Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Can you Believe it I am here again and updating our post.  So we have already found homes for two of the puppies I had listed previously, so I wanted to up date you on the two we have left.  We have one boy and one girl.  They are so cute and so happy and sooo healthy that when we have families here to pick a puppy they stay for a while because it is sooo hard to choose.  But now that we are down to just two all you really have to decide, boy, or girl.
Ok lets recap.  Taking deposits to hold a puppy ($250),  They have had dew claws removed, they will have a health check, first vacc. and 3 dewormings (they have had two).  They get to leave starting July 23.  We take pay pal, credit cards (through pay pal) money orders and cash. They are $800 dollars total.  So any questions, or want to set up a time to come see

them text me (Lori) at 269-944-1294.  or leave a email mess. at  We also have a face book page Home,farm and Kennels.  you can PM me there too.  Ok I think that is it.   Ha ha fooled you Yes I have pictures.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Golden Doodles

It is summer here on the farm and things are sooo busy, We have been working really hard on our kennels, the kids are older so they are really busy, and of course there are the puppies.  yes we have puppies, 10 Aussie/heelers and 4 golden doodles.  On this post I am going to focus on the doodles.  They were born on Memorial day and they are almost 6 weeks old, They will be ready to go home on July 23.  They are so cute and very playful.  
Now before I go any further with their information I want to tell you all a bit about how we do things, for those of you that haven't visited us before. We start letting people pick out a puppy of their own at 4 weeks, this is when their eyes are open and they are moving around pretty good. (to hold the puppy you want we accept deposits). And again for those of you that don't know us and for some of you that do, we accept pay pal, credit (through pay pal cube, money orders, and cash)  We don't let our puppies go anywhere before 8 weeks.  momma has some stuff to teach them before they go home.  When they go home they have a health check, 3 de-wormings and the first vaccine.  They are played with and handled from the day they are born by adults and kiddos. 
Most of our mommas and daddies are here on sight, for your viewing pleasure, except for the Standard Poodle males, they live at our friends a few miles away, this helps to prevent any oops, but have no fear they are still available to meet and touch.   
Ok now you can email us at  you can text us at 269-944-1294, you can visit our face book page at Home,farm,and Kennels.  Ok I think that is all the boring stuff, ready for those puppy pics.





Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Hi all so excited about our new Pyrenees puppies. They are 5 weeks old now eating canned food now, and getting so big.  3 of them have already found homes and so there are 6 left.  4 girls and 2 boys.  And for those of you that don't know they are $300 and we are taking deposits of $100 to hold a puppy you love.  They all go home with first vet visits, first vacc. and 3 wormings. And of course lots of love and socialization. So here are the 6 left to choose
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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hey all,  long time no hear. It has been a long winter here on the farm, but spring is just around the corner and if you haven't heard we have a new litter on the farm.  Our loving Kuma, our Great Pyrenees has had puppies.  She had 12, one didn't make it at birth, and the runt didn't make it either, so we have 10.  We are blessed this litter to be keeping one, so we will have 9 to sell.  They will go fast, we already have two spoken for.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

So we have another puppy available. She is spunky, and petite.  She has had her vet visit, clean bill of health. She has had her de-wormer, and vaccine.  So she is ready for her new home.
Her price is $300.  She is well socialized, and loves people. So if you notice she is on my dining room table, and sorry for already teaching her bad habits, but every time we tried to take her picture on the floor she would run off and find something else to do. I said she was spunky.  So give us a call if you would love to add this little girl to your family. call or text me at 269-944-1294

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Hello All, and Merry the day after Christmas.  I know the Blog has been quite for a while, after all the hustle and bustle of the puppy litters.  I am happy to say, I believe they are all sold.  If that changes I will let you know.  We will have two more litters in the spring, one will be the Aussie/Heelers and the other will be our Great Pyrenees.  Excited for all that to come about.
     Any way, as I am sure all of you were, the Christmas season was busy, and wonderful.  As much as I try to keep it simple, and keep the hectic out, it seems to creep in a bit.  My parents came for 3 days from Florida, along with that we had our 3 adult children, 8 grand children and our 8 children (if you weren't adding, that is 16 kiddos running around. SMILE). But we had a great night.  Then a week later (Christmas eve) we did it all again, my parents weren't here, but the rest of the gang was, and we added in two grand dogs along with that, (16 kiddos, and 5 dogs running around, SMILE). WE did a lovely brunch and it was really nice. It is nice when the kids grow to adults, and listening to their humor, and stories (some of which I am glad I didn't know about before they were grown).  Any way I am Thankful, Blessed, And Happy to have this great life.
     So to Finish up this posting, I am looking forward to seeing everyone this week for the big puppy pick up. They will have vet visits Thursday morning, and off they go to their new homes.    Once again a Very Merry ( day after Christmas) to Everyone.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Hey Everybody GREAT NEWS, all puppies have found homes except one little girl, she is black and white and sweet, and spunky.  I am posting this picture of her tonight but there will be a new one on on.  she has a cute little marking I want to show you on her.  So stay tuned for Mon.  In the meat time here is her past picture. As you can see this picture was this past week, if we put her outside now she would buried in snow.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Well I must say it has been an eventful week, Many of our puppies have found their forever homes.  So we only have two left.  Two little girls.  These are very sweet and we know their family is out there too.  Puppies are $300, that will include first vet check, vaccine, and deworming.  In order to hold a puppy we need $100 deposit which goes toward the total.  You can contact us at 269-944-1294, text is always better

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Hello everyone, we are so excited of the response to our Aussie/Heeler puppies.  We have had the honor to speak to so many people and answer many questions.  One of the questions is what do you have left, and as I promised, here are the pictures of the babies still waiting for their forever families. they are $300 and this includes first vaccines, first vet visit, and deworming, and lots of socialization.  We require $100 deposit to hold a specific puppy, and this goes towards the total.  We can be contacted by text at 269-944-1294. or email  or visit our face book page at Home farm and Kennels.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hey all here I am again, as I promised I have better pictures of our puppies.  They are soooo cute, and I can't wait to meet the new families for these babies.  So you can check our our pics. and contact me by text at 269-944-1294  or email us at  to set up viewing and picking times.  We take cash, pay pal and credit cards. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hey this is the other post tonight, and the pictures on this post are the girls.  Same information for the girls as for the boys so make sure to visit the boys post also.

Hello Everyone, we have been posting consistently of our Aussie/Heeler puppies even before they were born. So we are not at 4 weeks old and we are ready to not just show you pictures but everyone is welcome to come view in person and pick out the puppy you want to take home. They will be available to go home the 28th of Dec.  They will have a vet check, wormed, and 1st. vacc. WE have 6 girls and 3 boys to choose from.  We have the availability for paypal, credit cards, and cash, they are $300 with a $100 deposit to hold the one you want.  The pictures I am posting are a little blurry, for some reason my camera was giving me a hard time, but I told everyone I would have them up tonight and I want to be a breeder of my word.  so asking forgiveness and I will re-post better ones tomrrow.  pictures are our boys, two of them have blue eyes like their daddy.  Since the pictures are so big I am making two blog posts tonight

Friday, November 24, 2017

Hello again, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time, the day was warmish, and sunny, One of my older daughters came with her 4 children, and our older son, and he brought his dog.  It was a fun afternoon. We also took the advantage of the nice day and took more pictures of our puppies.  I posted a picture on our face book page, and asked everyone to decide if the puppies I had taken a picture of were boys or girls, and as I promised the answer is here on the blog. So here is the picture, and for those of you that guessed boys, (Ding, Ding, Ding) you are correct.  These are our three boys.  One is still a little camera shy.    They are 3 weeks old on Thanksgiving day.  So one more week and the picking begins.  As I stated before, the pictures will be posted on many sights. So if you are interested in a puppy, and or know someone that might be, maybe they should be contacting me this week so we can set up a time next week,( after Thursday)  for a time slot to start picking.  Any way thank You all for supporting our blog, and our kennel, be sure and share this sight and send people here to take a look at our posts.  Stay tuned I will not be waiting a whole week to post more, I have a picture of our girls, and the new momma, which is due in a week, actually two mommas, so stay tuned.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Hello everyone.  It has been a little over a week, and the puppies are now 2 weeks old, and they have their eyes open. YIPEEEE!!!!!!!  They still are not moving around a lot yet, but they are holding their heads up more and starting to move around.  Momma (Birdie) is such a good momma, she keeps those babies warm, well fed, and protects them.  I wanted to show you another updated picture of the babies tonight,  aren't they sooo cute and colorful. We will be posting another weekly picture next week and then in two weeks we will be starting to post individual pictures, labeling weather boys or girls, and start taking deposits.   So keep posted for all the updates, and I will let you know that they will be cross posted on many sights.   I also want to let and remind everyone that we take paypal, checks,cash and credit cards.   
         Now, I have other news, I will also be posting another momma, yep you read it hear, another momma.  She too is a aussie/heeler, and she is so sweet as well. Of course all our dogs are sweet. So if you feel that there just aren't enough colors here to choose from just wait, there will be more.  She is due in two weeks. 
       So remember to check back with us, and if you have missed any of our other blogs take the time to read them all, and look at all the pictures. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Hey all It has been a few days since we have sent out a blog, so I wanted to catch up with every one and let everyone know what is up here on the farm. 
    For one thing it is starting to get cold, brrrrr. But is still isn't cold enough that we are not able to work out side, and continue to get things closed up for the season, or the season to come.
    I mentioned on my previous post about my daughter Anna, and how she was such a big helper when it came to the puppies.  But it comes so natural for her, she is a lover of all animals.  Here is a picture of her, and her good friend Emmy

     They have been buddies for several years now, They go to shows together, and spend a week at fair together.  And enjoys each others company daily.
      Now I also want to give you an update on our new puppies.  They are 6 days old today, they still aren't moving around a lot, but that will be happening soon enough.  So here is the 6 day visual. Look at all those colors, and spots. As they grow they are going to be gorgeous, can't wait to see it.  Well that is all for this evening. Keep checking back and watching as our farm progresses in to winter, the puppies grow, and new ones born.  We will be previewing another momma in a couple weeks, I will give you a hint, her name is Patches.